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Opening Comments for the EricMillerWorks.com Site
The primary purpose of this website is to collect a lifetime of assorted writings, beginning at the age of 22, now some 50 years ago, and preserve them for family, friends, or anyone who has an interest in my various artistic and intellectual labors. For fifty years, as a cultural person, I have been primarily dedicated to artistic and philosophical interests.

My personal journals now comprise about 175 volumes. I don’t “count” them among my works, but they themselves are full of all kinds of matter: quotations from great literature, observations and reflections on the scenes of the times, family and world affairs, poems, pages of dialog, from real life and imagined, countless dictums and comments on books read, and such. The reader can glimpse for themselves the types of related matters I deal with in this website by pursuing my Directory of Works at the Home Page or most easily from the Table of Contents. My brief Bio gives a bit of where I’m coming from-certainly at least at the time it was written for these website pages.

Much is, I well know, unfinished-much will no doubt remain so. Though every writer writes not only for themselves but for others, the main effort here is to assemble my works in some kind of order. After all, considering the many matters dealt with here, getting them all together in one place has been no small matter-especially in my special circumstances. More careful editing, in many cases will have to come later. Again, the priority here, now, is to assemble my works, and while doing so, to share what I have with any interested person.

My Verse Plays:
The plays Joseph and Asenath, Qin Shi Huangti, Lord Oxford Trilogy and Akhnaton were generally researched over a period of years. In some cases, I intend in the future, to “edit down” for “playing scripts,” these longer “reading” versions. I believed when I wrote the plays (especially the longer ones),  and believe now, that the more important task was to write credible historical verse dramas rather than omit important historical context woven into the dramas-since in many cases the incidents or characterizations I staged were the result of original research. Much important detail, to my mind, could not be expected to survive in a commercial production. The intention, too, is to annotate the plays so that the specific sources are also available to the reader. Hopefully, the play’s the thing whether read or seen. A writer these days cannot hope to attract much of an audience for verse plays, probably especially for historical dramas. Alas, they know not what they are missing!

Obviously, the issue is, as to the subject of drama: Is it a good story and well done or not? The question of is it “true” or not, or “historical” or not-need not enter the question at all-though the issue of being “historical” is at stake. Here I’ll not deal with the matter except to remind the reader that not only “history” but also “biography” was probably quite nearly grasped by that old wise English playwright, George Bernard Shaw, with his famous dictum (“History is a pack of lies.”). The great German poet and playwright, however, I think dissects the matter a little more finely:

Not everything that history offers us has actually happened. And what has actually happened has not happened the way it is presented, and what we know to have happened is only a very small part of what actually happened . . . In historical matters you can never force me to be of your opinion

(Luden interview with Goethe, August 19, 1806)

My Philosophy & Cultural Studies Sections
Of these sections, I have just begun to post commentary on my philosophical views dealing with analysis and criticism of Western logic and its philosophical foundations and presumptions. As time goes by, I intend to post here, at my website, my main philosophical views and reflections-which works will generally be subsumed under the conception of Toward A New 3rd Order of Logic in the light of the ancient Chinese conception of San Tsai Chi Tao (The Principle of Three Participants). I will also deal with many related subjects, such as Toward A New Psychology, etc. in the light of these new philosophical perspectives.

Whether dealing with philosophical or cultural matters, per se, I have many commentaries dealing with Chinese concepts and, where possible, I have used the Chinese characters, but, to date, there are many such commentaries which only provide space for their later insertion [(i.e., (    )]. I may post them anyway, for the same reason I am posting many things-so I know where they are!
Also, many of these essays and reflections, while generally citing sources where appropriate, may not give page numbers, etc., but generally I certainly give the name of the book, and the works I cite are so well known to the field any scholar (or just ordinary person) can usually easily find the references for themselves. Again, in such cases my discussions of issues were never intended for academia, per se, but to stimulate thinking in intelligent people’s minds. For many articles and commentaries, of course, the reader will see I have provided detailed citations of sources.

Finally, I am pleased to say, that in this last year great progress has been made assembling my works, and I am especially grateful to Nicole at Cole Studio not only for making such a practical and attractive website archive but for giving me that extra little push to pursue this undertaking. We’ll continue to improve the site, add multimedia effects, and hope to offer at least audio, if not also video, vignettes of dialog from the plays, readings of some of the poems, interviews of myself and others. We’ll see. Stay tuned.


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