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Last night the brillant yellow moon,
like a cork bobbing in teasing cloud-waves,
appeared and disappeared.
When, for some moments it was not seen,
I wondered what great star-fish
nibbled in the depths on the bait.

A Poem from Gold Branch

Suddenly awakened from slumber,
The pure palace of sleep’s empty                                                 silence
Is charged with music of night-rain.
Asleep, I might have been a granite                                                      bolder
In the nameless tower of a stony                                                    peak.
Now, joy revels in the wind’s                                 commotion:
With bare arms I shall embrace this                                                       storm!

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Qin Shi Huangdi:
China's “First Emperor”

Qin Shi Hwang is an historical play in five acts which chronicles the overthrow of the First Emperor of China (221-207 B.C.) by a courageous peasant. It is the story of the three most important characters involved in that well documented revolution.

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Passion for Murder

Was Dr. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, a serial killer? This fascinating book by Eric Miller presents convincing evidence of that proposition. This facsimile publication is authorized by the author,...
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Conversations with Velikovsky,
Journal Entries 1971:

Velikovsky Seeks to “Exploit” Edgar Allan Poe’s
“The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion” for his book
Mankind in Amnesia.

by Eric Miller

March 11, 1971

"Talked with V a few minutes ago. Said he read Poe's piece and not only did he read it but he said he wished to "exploit it"... Click to Read

An ELM Review Of
THE PSEUDO-SCIENCE WARS: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe by
Michael D. Gordin

That “Truth is not always probable,” is an obvious bit of a puzzle, as said. But, by totally reversing the premise, one might ask: is Gordin confessing a belief himself in miracles and that the improbable “Velikovsky’s Catastrophe” actually happened in 1500 B.C.E.? Or, - ...
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The Psychological Analysis Of Velikovsky & His "Moses-Complex"
by Eric Miller

A Controversial New Work
Which Reveals Many Insights
About Velikovsky
Never Before Published.

Freudian Astronomy
Freudian Astronomy or Do Planetary Orbits, Bristlecone Pines, & Velikovsky's Believers Suffer From Collective Amnesia?

An excellent early criticism of Velikovsky (which few people at the time knew about) — from a qualified planetary scientist, Dennis Rawlins

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