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Dr.Gordin's Pseudo-History:
DR. Velikovsky Pseudo-Science

The Pseudo-Science Wars:
Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe
A Review/Commentary by Eric Miller

Dr. Michael D. Gordin in his book (2013) examines the “behind-the-cenes history” of the “strange career” of Velikovsky and his “surprisingly influential writings.” Gordin’s meritorious attempt to define what is “bunk” from what is valid “science” for the most part fails—and yet it is a creative effort. His book fails to reveal the true substance of many of the issues he deals with—i.e., what distinguishes a “fringe cult science” from a “cult science” like psychoanalysis—showing that what is one man’s “fringe” may be another man’s cultural or religious belief. Though Gordin skews his views and research and fails to reveal, in simple direct language, many of the basic facts of the issues he deals with, his book nonetheless brings much to the table regarding the Zionistic influences constantly at play in the Velikovsky phenomena—long hidden from public view. . . Click to Read More

The Many Faces of Venus: The Planet Venus In Ancient Myth and Religion
by Ev Cochrane

A Review/Commentary by Eric Miller

The Many Faces of Venus: The Planet Venus In Ancient Myth and Religion, attempts to rekindle the mid-century theories of Immanuel Velikovsky (World’s In Collision, 1950), as well as those of D. Talbott (The Saturn Myth, 1980), who took Velikovsky’s views as the starting point for his own “reconstruction” of ancient myth... Click to Read More

Sieth: The Shakspeare Memorial Epitaph,
History Of A Fraud

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Is There A Cipher in Shakespeare's Epitaph?
A Review/Commentary by Eric Miller

David Roper claims in his book Proving Shakespeare that Ben Jonson created and secreted into the text of Shakespeare’s famous Epitaph a secret message--that Edward De Vere was “Shakespeare” and that Jonson created the cipher. Roper claims are submitted to a “fundamentalist” cultural due diligence analysis. MR concludes there is no evidence that the “original” epitaph which Mr. Roper deals with ever existed at the time of its creation--thought to be in 1616 right after Shakespeare’s death, or circa 1623 upon publication of the First Folio (of Shakespeare’s collected works)...Click to Read More

"Living With What Remains"
by Judith Dupree

A Review/Commentary by Eric Miller (2/4/05)

Judith Dupree’s book of poetry, living with what remains, is composed of three parts: “All That Breathes,” “All You Haven’t Lost,” and “Living With What Remains”—each approximately of equal parts, which gives a balanced “weight” to the volume.

The metaphysical note of her poetry is already struck in the first poem, “What I See,” and it tells us, at the outset, that the poet is an experienced person... Click to Read More





"As a writer, I greatly admire your work. Your writing is very pure and clean. You have achieved, at a young age, that marvelous simplicity of style that makes the truly great-you have taken the language and made it sing-your words are like frozen quicksilver."

Robert Hawthorn Wylie on Eric Miller's poetry
(featured poet in Voices of the Last Frontier:
Selections from San Diego poets)
Voices of the Last Frontier

"Of course, [Eric] Miller will retain the honor of being the first author to inform the public about lethal aspects of Freud's personality that may have been actualized in murderous behavior."
(p.23, The Deadly Dr. Freud)

Paul Scagnelli, PhD.
Prof. of Psychology, Psychotherapy
Director Outpatient Mental Health Clinic
Deadly Dr. Freud

Passion For Murder

by Eric Miller

"In your dream analysis and in your close reading of Freud you are certainly the most faithful student he could ever have had."

Sophie Freud
(Freud's granddaughter)
MSW, PhD., Professor Emerita,
Personal communication, 1994

“A Labor of Love”
by Eric Miller

"(A lovely title!) very interesting. An impressive manuscript! Verily”

Ruth Miller –an Oxfordian “pioneer” par excellence, author and publisher of foundation Oxfordian research

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