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The Eric Miller Web Site: Opening Remarks

Shakespeare and Lord Oxford Home Page

The Real Shakespeare

Preliminary Comments

The Myth of Southampton

Southampton; The New Cannon

Prince Tudor Theory & Percy Allen

Queen Elizabeth's Funeral Oration by Ignoto, Alias Lord Oxford

Poem On The 450th Anniversary of Edward De Vere

King James’ Spring Song by Lord Oxford

Dating Shakespeare: Dating Shakespeare Home Page

The Fiery Trigon and the"Mortall Moone"

Click here to download Part One PDF
Contains published material in the Oxfordian and much of the original material that was never published.

Click here to download Part Two PDF

All New Evidence!

The Failure of The Gardens of Adonis

Shakespeare’s Sonnets: An Early Comment

Family Incest And Oxford's Daughter?


The Plays... Plays Home Page

The Lord Oxford Trilogy Home Page
                   A Labor of Love
                    *We only offer excerpts of this play at this time.
                   Ignoto’s Farewell
                    *We only offer excerpts of this play at this time.
                   In Sequent Toils
                    * Read the whole thing for a limited time!

Qin Shi Hwangdi / Qin Shi Hwangdi Home Page


Joseph & Asenath


A Wall For Sale


Ignoto... Ignoto Home Page

Ignoto Complete Poems

In Prison Pent

Edward deVere, Shakespeare,
& Ignoto
(excerpt from Analytical Notes & Commentary On A Poetical Rhapsody below)

Analytical Notes & Commentary
On A Poetical Rhapsody

S. May: Oxford's Enemy:
Oxford as Poet, Part 1
Oxford as Playwright, Part 2

Rejoinder To Professor Steven May

Rejoined to Irvin Lee Matus

The Poems... Poems Home Page

Song Of Mason City

Dragon Woman



The Original Gold Branch

Gold Branch

Plum Rain

Poems To A Thai Lady

The Marie Sonnets

Now Into The Uncanny Darkness & Other Poems

Now Make Me Of Mirth

Cultural Studies... Cultural Studies Home Page

Thomas Manns Dr.FaustusELM LTR on T. Mann's Dr. Faustus

Athena and the White Goddess

China: The Swastika and the Comet

Einstein: Critical Notes

Venus: China’s Celestial Goddess

Chin Shing (Venus): Velikovksy & Confucius

Rollins Paraduce From A to XRollins Paradyce From A to X

On the Correct Dating of Spenser's
The Shepheardes Calender

Philosophy... Philosophy Home Page

On The Nature of Thinking

Idea, Reason & Faith

San Cai Etymology

Coming Attractions! 1st Installemnt
San Ts'ai Chih Tao:
The Principle of the 3 Participants
& The New Tertium Organum

The Law of Opposites & The Tertiary World Order of Logic

Cultural Amnesia and the Roots of Modern Science

Reviews & Readers Remarks... Reviews & Readers Remarks Home Page

On Living With What Remains,
the poems of Judith DuPree

The Many Faces of Venus, by Ev Cochrane

Sieth - Is There A Cipher in Shakespeare's Epitaph

Velikovsky Then & Now ... Velikovsky Then & Now Home

Einstein/ Velikovsky Letters:What Einstein Really Said

Was "Venus" Censured From Translations of the Hebrew Bible & All Other Bibles- As Claimed by Velikovsky?
- Brief Version
- Detailed Version

In Commemoration of Worlds in Collision

Cultural Amnesia & The New Commcement:
Coordination: 1000 B.C.E.

Eric Miller's Poems Sent to Velikovsky (1970)

Letters from Velikovsky

Cultural Amnesia, An Interview with Eric L. Miller

E.L. Miller's Examination of Velikovsky's Article: "Sigmund Freud & Moses the Law-giver"

Troy, Sea People, and Velikovsky: "A Case Study In Infexibility"

The Dreams Freud Dreamed By Immanuel Velikovsky

Conversations with Velikovsky, Journal Entries 1971:

An ELM Review Of
THE PSEUDO-SCIENCE WARS: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe by Michael D. Gordin

The Psychological Analysis Of Velikovsky & His "Moses-Complex"


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